Mighty Web Development 2.0: Ultimate Online Guide [22 Best Courses]

Mighty Web Development 2.0: Ultimate Online Guide Included 22 Best Courses with 195 Hours. Enroll for this Mighty Web Development Bundle consisting of 22 online courses to learn JavaScript, HTML, Angular JS, Python and more. Get started today! ENROLL NOW and Become Web Developer

Mighty Web Development 2.0 Eduonix Coupons

Mighty Web Development 2.0

Professionals who can build robust websites will always be demand in the digital age. Learn how to create feature-rich and attractive web applications with our mighty bundle. This mighty deal is for all kind of students both beginners and experts.

Mighty Web Development 2.0: Ultimate Online Guide

1. Understanding TypeScript – 2020 Edition

Become a Typescript Pro with these valuable skills. Start Your Course Today. Join Over 50 Million People Learning Online at Eduonix! Lifetime Access. Download Our Mobile App. Expert Instructions. Explore Courses. Courses: Angular, Angular Material, Firebase.


2. Laravel 5.5 for beginners Become a Master Developer

Laravel 5.5 for beginners – Become a Master Developer! Eduonix Laravel 5.5 for beginners – Become a Master Developer!. With the help of this course you can This complete Laravel 5.5 tutorial course teaches you how to build a full world class project with Laravel.. This course was created by Dave Partner.


3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – The Complete Guide

Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) that feels like an iOS & Android App, using Device Camera, Push Notifications and more. Build web apps that look and feel like native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Use service workers to build web apps that work without internet connection (offline-first)


4. CSS – The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)

CSS – The Complete Guide 2020 (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass). Learn CSS for the first time or brush up your CSS skills and dive in even deeper. CSS – short for Cascading Style Sheets – is a “programming language” you use to turn your raw HTML pages into real beautiful websites. This course covers it all


5. The Complete Modern Javascript Course with ES6 (2020)

Learn JavaScript with the most Comprehensive JS course on the market! Covers ES6, OOP, Hoisting, Closures, and more! Go from Zero Skills to a job ready JavaScript Developer. Learn JavaScript fundamentals as well as advanced concepts. Master tricky JS concepts like Closures, Execution Contexts, Scope, etc.


6. React and Redux: Learn By Building Real World Projects [13H]

This course was built by Stephen Geluso & Joshua Evans (Full-Stack Developers with 15 years of experience) and Eduonix Learning Solutions with a simple idea in mind: teach you React & Redux in a practical way, so that you can acquire, test and master your React skills gradually.


7. Angular 8 – Complete Essential Guide

Angular 8 – Complete Essential Guide. Let’s learn and understand Angular core concepts in details by watching presentation and writing code in labs. Get a very deep understanding of how to create Angular applications. This course will teach you all the fundamentals about Angular Developer


8. Angular 8 + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud

Learn to build microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud in this tutorial. We will be using Angular 8, Spring Boot, Spring Zuul, Eureka Cloud, Mysql, Liquibase, Lombok, Gradle, Intellij, NodeJS, Load Balance.


9. React + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud

Learn to create microservices using Spring Boot, React, Spring Cloud, Eureka Discovery, Zuul Gateway, MySQL, Liquibase, Lombok, Hibernate and Rest Repositories. A backend app demonstrating to build microservice architecture using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.


10. Vue JS + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud

Learn VueJS, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Eureka Discovery, Zuul Gateway, MySQL, Liquibase Lombok, Hibernate, Rest Repositories to build a full stack application. In this tutorial, we’ll go over an example application that renders a single page with a Vue.js frontend, while using Spring Boot as a backend.


11. React Full Stack Web Development With Spring Boot(Inc. JWT)

Spring Boot, React, Intellij, Java, Mysql, Liquibase, MVC, CRUD, JWT, Full Stack Development, JWT (Json Web Token). Master full stack development with React & Spring Boot in this online tutorial. Enroll to create a full stack app using Intellij, Mysql, Liquibase, MVC and JWT.


12. Django 2.2 Masterclass – Build & Deploy Web Application With Python & Django

Learn Django 2.2 – Build Real Web Application With Python, Django, GIT and Deploy on Heroku Server! |Backend With Django.


13. Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects

Master the latest version of Bootstrap (4.1. 1) and build 5 real world themes while learning HTML5 semantics & CSS3. Learn and create amazing high quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch. Learn the Bootstrap 4 utilities, classes, components & JS widgets using a custom sandbox environment.


14. Learn Vue.js – The Progressive JavaScript Framework

VueJS Tutorial – VueJS is a progressive JavaScript framework used to … learn the basics of VueJS and its programming concepts in a simple and easy manner.


15. Master Meteor – Meteor JS From the Ground up

Meteor, or MeteorJS, is a free and open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework written using Node.js. Meteor allows for rapid. Know about JavaScript Basics, Meteor Basics. Learn How to install Meteor on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


16. Learn React and Redux by examples

Learn React and Redux by coding examples. Learn all aspects of the most popular JavaScript framework today using simple but very powerful examples. This is a complete practical tutorial to learn React and Redux by creating web applications. Get registered now to master Redux and React Router by examples!


17. Modern WordPress Theme Development

Modern WordPress Theme Development. Developing a custom theme using Sage 9 starter theme. You’ll learn how to craft brilliant themes from scratch and expand them further with modern WordPress


18. Master EmberJS : Learn Ember JS From Scratch

Master EmberJS : Learn Ember JS From Scratch. Eduonix Learning Solutions Master EmberJS : Learn Ember JS From Scratch. With the help of this course you can Learn to demystify the EmberJS JavaScript framework by learning all the core concepts of it and building a real web app. This course was created by SkillBakery Studio


19. Master Backbone JS: A Course For Web Developers & Designers

Master Backbone JS: A Course For Web Developers & Designers. Learn to create dynamic & modular web applications using BackboneJS framework. Learn how to develop dynamic web applications using BackboneJS This course teaches you how you can make the most of BackboneJS


20. Master KnockoutJS : Knockout JS – JavaScript MVVM

Learn KnockoutJS – JavaScript implementation of the MVVM-Model View View Model with easy to understand examples. Knockout is a JavaScript library that uses dependency tracking and declarative binding to create responsive display. SkillBakery is one of the fastest growing online education company.


21. JavaScript ES6 : The Next Level

JavaScript ES6 : The Next Level. Learn the all new cool features of ES6 – EcmaScript version 6 and see how it enhances JavaScript furthermore. Upgrade your JavaScript skills to ES6 and beyond In Detail Great JavaScript is more than just syntax or style guides.


22. Master NodeJs : A Practical Approach To Node JS

The main focus of this course is to get you familiar with Node and ensure that you are ready to build cool new web applications using Node in no time. With the help of this course you can From No Node to Know Node.


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Included: 22 Courses with 2119+ Lectures and 194.48+ Hrs Video
Instructors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Dave Partner, Academind, Development Island, Eduonix Learning Solutions, Awais Jamil, Senol Atac, Shubham Sarda, Traversy Media, Skillbakery Studios, Vinod

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