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Mighty Machine Learning Bundle Course on Eduonix Learning Solutions. Mighty Bundle to Learn Machine Learning Using Python and R. The Ultimate Bundle to learn Machine Learning which consists of online courses that will teach you about ML models and vectors using R and Python.

[Coupon Code: EBF50] Eduonix Mighty Machine Learning Bundle

Why This Deal

A mighty Bundle designed to meet all your learning need for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. It is power-packed with 20 Courses having 110+ hrs of video that will teach you AI & ML from scratch. With this bundle, you will not only learn basic AI & ML but also programming with Python & R, usage of different AI & Data Science libraries, training machine learning algorithms, building various models, deep learning and so much more. Not only this, but we have also included a course dedicated entirely to mathematical foundations behind machine learning! So gear up & begin with each of the courses one by one to have a complete understanding of AI & ML.

Curriculum of Best 20 Mighty Machine Learning Bundle Course

  1. Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners
  2. Learn Machine Learning By Building Projects
  3. Clustering & Classification With Machine Learning in Python
  4. Machine Learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning
  5. Practical Deep Learning with Keras and Python
  6. Mathematical Foundation For Machine Learning and AI
  7. The Deep Learning Masterclass: Classify Images with Keras!
  8. Learn Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for beginners
  9. Machine Learning With TensorFlow The Practical Guide
  10. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Ebook
  11. Machine Learning Basics: Building Regression Model in Python
  12. Machine Learning Basics: Classification models in Python
  13. Machine Learning Advanced: Decision Trees in Python
  14. Machine Learning Basics: Classification models in R
  15. Machine Learning Basics: Building a Regression model in R
  16. Machine Learning Adv: Support Vector Machines (SVM) in R
  17. Machine Learning Adv: Support Vector Machines (SVM) Python
  18. Deep Learning & Neural Networks Python Keras For Dummies
  19. Complete Python Machine Learning & Data Science for Dummies
  20. Machine Learning Terminology & Process For Beginners
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