MERN Stack Masterclass Bundle

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Complete Masterclass to Become a MERN Stack Developer

Get started with this MERN Stack masterclass to learn technologies like Mongo, Express, Node and React. This exclusive bundle consists of 12 online courses! Learn how to build and maintain robust web applications. This bundle will teach you JavaScript technologies like Mongo, Express, Node, and React which is used for easier and faster deployment of full-stack web applications.

Curriculum of MERN Stack 2020 Courses

  • Course 1: Projects in ExpressJS-Learn ExpressJs building 10 projects
  • Course 2: Projects in MongoDB – Learn MongoDB Building Projects
  • Course 3: React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)
  • Course 4: React for Absolute Beginners
  • Course 5: Elite NodeJS Course – Become Certified NodeJS Developer
  • Course 6: NodejS from Ground Up for Beginners
  • Course 7: Quick and Easy Guide to Node and Express
  • Course 8: MongoDB : Beginners to Professional
  • Course 9: Mongo DB : All About MongoDB
  • Course 10: Master ReactJS: Learn React JS from Scratch
  • Course 11: Node.js REST API with Express and MongoDB – Solid Architecture
  • Course 12: The Complete MERN Stack Development Bootcamp 2020

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