12+ BEST Machine Learning with Python Masterclass [2020] [UPDATE]

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With This Machine Learning with Python Masterclass Course you can

Build a strong foundation of Machine Learning using Python, an easy-to-learn and versatile programming language with full-featured libraries. This Machine Learning masterclass covers all essential concepts of Python and Machine Learning in addition to over 100 practical projects.

Curriculum of Machine Learning with Python Masterclass Course

Course 1: Python Programming Learn Python with 100+ Practicals

Python was developed because the creator was frustrated by not being able to find exactly what he wanted from a programming language. So, he designed his own language that included the best features of ABC language, that was capable of exception handling and also interacting with the Amoeba operating system.

Since then Python has grown to become a popular language because of its many benefits including an easy learning curve, being interactive & dynamic in nature, including OOP capabilities, etc. This is why Python is a fast paced language that is currently high in demand today in the market.

If you want to boost your career and become a master in Python, then this is the perfect course for you!

In this course, we have designed a detailed course to become your guide. You will learn the techniques and concepts of Python programming, giving you the information and the skills you need to boost your programming skills and learn Python.

We have designed this course as a hands-on course that will help you learn Python from the start, including basics such as the syntax, lists, tuples, strings, loops, etc. From there you will learn about Lambda and also more complex programs such as matrix operations. At every step of the way, you will see exactly how they the concepts are used in real-world applications.

At the end of this course, you will have not only learnt Python programming basics but you will also be confident enough to actually start programming in Python.


Course 2: Data Science: Foundations & Regression (Python)

This course is designed to get students on board with data science and make them ready to solve industry problems. This course is a perfect blend of foundations of data science, industry standards, broader understanding of machine learning and practical applications.

Special emphasis is given to regression analysis. Linear and logistic regression is still the workhorse of data science. These two topics are the most basic machine learning techniques that everyone should understand well. Concepts of overfitting, regularization etc. are discussed in details. These fundamental understandings are crucial as these can be applied to almost every machine learning methods.

This course also provide an understanding of the industry standards, best practices for formulating, applying and maintaining data driven products. It starts off with basic explanation of Machine Learning concepts and how to setup your environment. Next data wrangling and EDA with Pandas are discussed with hands on examples. Next linear and logistic regression is discussed in details and applied to solve real industry problems. Learning the industry standard best practices and evaluating the models for sustained development comes next.

Final learning are around some of the core challenges and how to tackle them in an industry setup. This course supplies in-depth content that put the theory into practice.


Course 3: Clustering & Classification With Machine Learning in Python

This course your complete guide to both supervised & unsupervised learning using Python. This means, this course covers MAIN ASPECTS of practical data science and if you take this course, you can do away with taking other courses or buying books on Python based data science.

In this age of big data, companies across the globe use Python to sift through the avalanche of information at their disposal. By becoming proficient in unsupervised & supervised learning in Python, you can give your company a competitive edge – and boost your career to the next level.


Course 4: Data Visualization with Python: The Complete Guide

The amount of data being generated each day is no longer avoidable. The importance of data is becoming a crucial aspect for predicting the future. This is why Data Science has become an important avenue for learning.

Data Science is the art of creating algorithms to compile, sort, process and analyze the data that is being collected in bulk from across the internet. This data is then used to understand the current and future trends. This field borrows techniques and theories from across multiple fields such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, information science, etc. It also aids other domains such as machine learning, data mining, databases and visualization.

Data is going to become more important as we continue, with more people using data to make crucial decisions. This is why Data Scientists are currently one of the well-paid individuals on the market. This is also the perfect time to get into Data Science.

This is where we can help! We have a built an easy comprehensive course on Data Science to help you master data visualizations using Python. The course will start at the very beginning helping you understand the importance of Data Science, along with becoming familiar with Matplotlib, Python’s very own visualization library. From there you will learn about the linear general statistics and data analysis. That’s not all, we’ll also cover important concepts such as data clustering, hypothesis gradient descent and advanced data visualizations.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a working knowledge of data visualization using Python and you’ll also be able to build your own visualizations from scratch.


Course 5: Machine Learning Basics: Building Regression Model in Python

The course “Machine Learning Basics: Building Regression Model in Python” teaches you all the steps of creating a Linear Regression model, which is the most popular Machine Learning model, to solve business problems.

Below is a list of popular FAQs of students who want to start their Machine learning journey What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a field of computer science which gives the computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

What is the Linear regression technique of Machine learning?

Linear Regression is a simple machine learning model for regression problems, i.e., when the target variable is a real value.

Linear regression is a linear model, e.g. a model that assumes a linear relationship between the input variables (x) and the single output variable (y). More specifically, that y can be calculated from a linear combination of the input variables (x).


Course 6: Machine Learning Basics: Classification models in Python

The course “Machine Learning Basics: Classification models in Python” teaches you all the steps of creating a Classification model to solve business problems.

Below is a list of popular FAQs of students who want to start their Machine learning journey-

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a field of computer science which gives the computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


Course 7: Machine Learning Advanced: Decision Trees in Python

The course is created on the basis of three pillars of learning: Know (Study), Do (Practice), Review (Self feedback), Know We have created a set of concise and comprehensive videos to teach you all the Excel related skills you will need in your professional career.

With each lecture, we have provide a practice sheet to complement the learning in the lecture video. These sheets are carefully designed to further clarify the concepts and help you with implementing the concepts on practical problems faced on-the-job.

Check if you have learnt the concepts by comparing your solutions provided by us. Ask questions in the discussion board if you face any difficulty.


Course 8: Data Science – Python for Machine Learning

Hands-on course using Jupyter Notebooks. All code can be found at GitHub.In This Data Science – Python for Machine Learning Course You Will Learn Python Basics, Machine Learning Basics, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Mining and Much More


Course 9: Machine Learning Adv: Support Vector Machines (SVM) Python

You are looking for a complete Support Vector Machines course that teaches you everything you need to create a Support Vector Machines model in Python, right?

You have found the right Support Vector Machines techniques course!

How this course will help you?

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Machine learning advanced course.

If you are a business manager or an executive, or a student who wants to learn and apply machine learning in Real world problems of business, this course will give you a solid base for that by teaching you some of the advanced technique of machine learning, which are Support Vector Machines.


Course 10: Deep Learning & Neural Networks Python Keras For Dummies

The world has been revolving much around the terms “Machine Learning” and “Deep Learning” recently. With or without our knowledge every day we are using these technologies. Ranging from google suggestions, translations, ads, movie recommendations, friend suggestions, sales and customer experience so on and so forth. There are tons of other applications too. No wonder why “Deep Learning” and “Machine Learning along with Data Science” are the most sought after talent in the technology world now a days.


Course 11: Complete Python Machine Learning & Data Science for Dummies

welcome to my new course, Machine Learning with Python for Dummies. We will discuss about the overview of the course and the contents included in this course. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Neural Networks are the most used terms now a days in the technology world. Its also the most mis-understood and confused terms too.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad spectrum of science which tries to make machines intelligent like humans. Machine Learning and Neural Networks are two subsets that comes under this vast machine learning platform


Course 12: Python Data Science Basics with Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib for Beginners

Covers all Essential Python topics and Libraries for Data Science or Machine Learning Beginner. Welcome to my new course Python Essentials with Pandas and Numpy for Data Science. In this course, we will learn the basics of Python Data Structures and the most important Data Science libraries like NumPy and Pandas with step by step examples!


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