Machine Learning Online Bundle to Acquire Top Skills

Machine Learning Skill Bundle

GIFTCOURSE – Machine Learning Skill Bundle. Machine Learning Online Bundle to Acquire Top Skills. Learn the necessary skills to excel your career in Machine Learning with this online ML Bundle. Master Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Deep Learning and more!

Machine Learning algorithms help businesses make more accurate predictions thereby aiding decision making. More & more businesses are integrating machine learning into their operations creating a huge demand for skilled professionals. Our Machine Learning skill bundle will enable you to become an expert professional with multiple courses and practical projects to sharpen your skills.

Curriculum for Machine Learning Skill Bundle Course

  1. Course 1: Python Programming Learn Python with 100+ Practicals
  2. Course 2: Learn Machine Learning By Building Projects
  3. Course 3: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing in R
  4. Course 4: Practical Deep Learning with Keras and Python
  5. Course 5: Mathematical Foundation For Machine Learning and AI
  6. Course 6: R Programming for Beginners
  7. Course 7: Machine Learning With TensorFlow The Practical Guide
  8. Course 8: Python + Data Science: Practical Guide
  9. Course 9: Data Cleaning Techniques in Data Science and Machine Learning
  10. Course 10: Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Python: Novice to Expert