Golang Tutorial: Learn GO Basics & How to Build Programs

Golang Tutorial: Learn GO Basics & How to Build Programs

Complete Golang Tutorial: From the Basics to Advanced Features

Master Go programming language and build programs with this Golang tutorial

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When you start becoming proficient with the main programming languages, it can be tough to find one that would bring you the same inspiration as when you had just started programming. However, this Golang tutorial is determined to change your mind – I want to tell you about a programming language that has been on the rise in popularity in recent years and isn’t planning on stopping any time soon. That’s why you should learn Golang!

Golang Tutorial – What is GO?

Now you might be thinking – why do I even need to learn GO? What’s in this GO language tutorial for me? Well, I’m here to tell you – a lot! Learning GO will help you not only advance your programming skills to the next level but to also be proficient in one of the most “on-demand” programming languages out there!

Golang was developed by the team at Google and is very similar to the C programming language. However, as you learn GO in this Golang tutorial, you will quickly see how many added features this programming language has when compared to C – a safe memory, garbage collection and so on! All of these features add up and make GO an increasingly popular programming language among experienced programmers and developers.

Why Pick this Tutorial?

So, I’ve convinced you that learning GO is beneficial – but why should you pick this course to do so? Well, let me just start by saying – I’m a coder myself, so I know how hard it can be to learn GO (or any other programming language for that matter) without a proper Golang tutorial. This course was born out of that struggle – I aim to make the learning experience as pleasant as it can possibly be when you learn Golang.

Since this is an advanced course, we won’t bother with all of the basics and will be able to jump right on into the advanced stuff. A lot of Golang tutorials online tend to be chaotic and only teach for-loops and if-statements – you won’t find that here! This GO tutorial will teach you about the GO syntax, concurrency models, packages and much more – all in a fluid and straightforward way!

Who Can Learn this GO Language Tutorial?

If you’re a programmer that’s efficient with Java or any other of the mainstream programming languages, you will find that this Golang tutorial will be perfect for you! Whether you want to learn about critical design decisions and apply them to get a raise at your job, or simply want to add another programming language to your ever-growing skillset – this course will have you covered!

As for the GO tutorial requirements – you should be quite proficient and have decent experience with other programming languages. The best choices would be Java, Python, Ruby and other similar ones. Since this course is aimed at people who want some advanced information and insight into Golang and all of its great features, you have to have decent experience with other programming languages to be able to understand the terminology and processes used here.

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