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Data Science 2020 Bundle. Learn Data Science + Python to do Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and much more. Enhance your skills in data science with real world projects in R and Python in our complete 2020 bundle at discounted rate. Exclusive offers are on. Hurry Up!

Data Science 2020 Bundle

Data Science Academy and Algoritms Find Data Science Job Trends for 2020, That Aspirants Need to Know, Prep for a career in data science with this $20 bundle. Get Daily Deal: The 2020 Data Scientist Architect Bundle.

Why This Deal
Learn the hottest skill for 2020 with our awesome bundle covering fundamentals of Data Science, real-world projects and technologies such as R and Python. This bundle is the option of choice for acquiring complete knowledge to start your Data Science journey!

List of Data Science 2020 Bundle Course

1. Getting Started with Python for Data Science Practical Guide

Python + Data Science: Practical Guide. Learn Data Science + Python to do Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. This course with a simple idea in mind: Teach you the basics of Python + Data Science in a practical way, so that you can acquire, test and master your Python skills gradually.

If you check the courses curriculum, you will see that you will learn all these things with Python:

  • Using Variables & Strings
  • Using Booleans & Logical Operators
  • Using Functions & Packages
  • Using Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Using For & While Loops
  • Using Panda & Data Frames
  • Doing Data Visualization
  • Scraping Web Data
  • Doing some basic Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Basics of Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • And much more to come

2. Premium Ebook – Python with Data Science Handbook

Data Science for Beginners – Ebook. A complete guide to start learning data science from ground up. This data science ebook helps you start with data science concepts and will provide you a complete overview of what is required to build your your skills. It covers the Data science Ecosystem and popular algorithms to help you get a complete picture of this field.

3.R Tutorial- Learn Data Science with R from Scratch

Data Science for Beginners with R. Learn to implement data science concepts using R programming language. Start working on next generation Data Science projects with our latest course. Learn R programming from ground up and learn to manipulate and visualize data. This course is perfect for beginners who want to start working on Data related projects and want to build a career in data science.

4. Applied Data Science Training with Python from Scratch

Projects in Data Science. The practical guide to master real world Data science. This online course on Data Science gives an insight into the applied data science basics using Python covering topics like what is data science, its introduction, setup, and extended data analysis such as dataset, analyzing output and others. Additionally, it also comprises of topics for making you understand linear and logistic regression. Furthermore, data visualization (MySQL, Plotly, Scattered plot, Advanced Scattered plot), time series, K-Means Clustering and decision tree are also explained.

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