Apache Spark Courses Masterclass Bundle

Apache Spark Courses Masterclass Bundle

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The Best of Apache Spark Courses In One Masterclass Bundle. Get Access to the best of the Masterclass on Apache Spark, compiled in a bundle. Register now and get the Mighty Apache Masterclass Bundle at the best price possible on Eduonix Learning Solutions.

Why This Apache Spark Courses Bundle Deal?

10 ground-breaking courses on Apache Spark that provide you with all the essentials for handling Big Data efficiently. Command your position in the ever-demanding space of Spark Professionals and give your resume the much-needed skill check. Never has the handling of Big & Fast Data been this easy! With the Apache Spark Essentials, you can now master the specifics of Data like an Expert. Get ready to Collate, Analyse & Predict like a Pro by using Apache Spark to your advantage! The future of Big Data Analysis is here.

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What you will Learning in this Apache Spark Online Courses :

  • Spark Architecture Components, Concepts & Execution
  • DataFrames API & Spark SQL Functions
  • Build Apache Spark Machine Learning Projects
  • Explore Apache Spark & Machine Learning on Databricks Platform
  • Olympics Games Analytics as Real World Example
  • World Development Indicators Analytics Project
  • Delta Lake & Databricks Knowledge
  • Launching Spark Cluster & Creating a Data Pipeline
  • Heart Attack Prediction using Decision Tree Classification Model
  • Diabetes Prediction using Logistic Regression Model & One Vs Rest Classifier Model
  • Employee Attrition Prediction in Apache Spark (ML)
  • Telecom Customer Churn Prediction using Databricks Notebook

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Curriculum for The Best of Apache Spark Courses In One Masterclass Bundle

  • Course 1: Apache Spark with Scala useful for Databricks Certification
  • Course 2: Machine Learning with Apache Spark 3.0 using Scala
  • Course 3: Learn Apache Spark to Generate Weblog Reports for Websites
  • Course 4: Apache Spark Project World Development Indicators Analytics
  • Course 5: Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner
  • Course 6: Delta Lake with Apache Spark using Scala
  • Course 7: Employee Attrition Prediction in Apache Spark (ML) Project
  • Course 8: Apache Spark Machine Learning Project (House Sale Price Prediction)
  • Course 9: Telecom Customer Churn Prediction in Apache Spark (Machine Learning Project)
  • Course 10: Heart Attack and Diabetes Prediction Project in Apache Spark

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Apache Spark Courses Masterclass Bundle