[Code: OSM35] Eduonix Advanced AI & Machine Learning E-Degree

Advance Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning E-Degree Programs on Eduonix Learning Solutions. Learn how to create intelligent machines with our comprehensive e-degree program. This advance artificial intelligence and machine learning e-degree will help you learn the latest and cutting edge technologies such as Deep Learning, CNN, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning.

[Coupon Code: OSM35] Eduonix Advanced AI & Machine Learning E-Degree

Why This E-Degree

This specialised e-degree program is the best way to learn advanced concepts of AI and ML such as Deep Neural Network, Computer Vision and TensorFlow assuring lucrative employment opportunities. This e-degree will also provide you with the following resources:

  • 6 modules to cover the latest technologies
  • 40+ hours of high quality video lectures
  • 8+ projects for hands-on experience
  • Exams and quizzes to measure your progress
  • Certificate upon completion of the e-degree
  • Support for interview preparation
  • Expert-verified responses to ensure quality learning
  • Lifetime access to the e-degree
  • Best of global instructors
  • Free Lifetime Update

What you’ll learn

This program will enable you to create programs that can perform intelligent tasks like decision making, visual perception and speech recognition.

Some key technologies you will learn are:

  • Python – A high level language useful for prototyping algorithms in AI
  • Deep Learning – It is the technique of creating algorithms capable of unsupervised learning from unstructured data
  • Deep Neural Network – DNN has multiple layers of algorithms between input and output
  • Convolutional Neural Network – CNN is the neural network used in image recognition and classification
  • Natural Language Processing – NLP is the technique of analysing large amounts of natural language data
  • Keras – It is an open source neural network library written in Python.
  • Computer Vision – It is an AI technology that enables computer to understand images
  • Reinforcement learning – It is an AI algorithm that trains other algorithms using a system of reward and punishment
  • TensorFlow – It is an open source software library for data flow


A complete learning program having set of hand-picked courses which will help you to master all the advanced AI concepts such as Deep learning, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and NLP.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Module 2: Deep Neural Networks & CNN
  • Module 3: Natural Language Processing
  • Module 4: Practical TensorFlow
  • Module 5: Reinforcement Learning
  • Module 6: Computer Vision

Why learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Ml is undergoing an expansion today and in the coming years it will be implemented in many other fields creating multiple jobs.

You should learn AI for the following reasons:

  • AI is expected to create 2.3 million jobs in 2020 alone
  • AI market to grow to 8.8 billion by 2020
  • Salary range for AI professionals is between $125,000 to $175,000 and growing every year
  • 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human
  • More and more people are beginning to depend on AI-based device like Google Home and Alexa